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There are several sources for help using InvestorLink. Please review these sources below.

Online help
Most of your general questions about InvestorLink can be answered on the MSO web site. Please take a look at the frequently asked questions (faq) page and our How To's for quick answers. Specific information about different aspects of our service can be found by exploring our web site.

Databoss documentation
Answers to Databoss usage questions can be found in the Databoss documentation, installed with the program.

If you cannot find an answer a question on our web site or the Databoss documentation, please send an email to support@msodata.com. We will be able to help you more effectively if you follow the guidelines below:

If you are having a problem with Databoss, be sure to send us the version number of Databoss that you are using as well as the steps required to reproduce the problem. Also send us your InvestorLink User ID so we can check your account for possible problems.

If you are reporting an error in our data, please send us the filename in question (ie, ibm.prn), the date of the data in question (ie, 20010510) and which field or fields you feel are incorrect. Also let us know the source you are comparing us to. Reports such as 'the ibm file is all wrong' will not help us find a problem if it exists.


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