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How To: Use InvestorLink data with Omega Research Tradestation or Supercharts

This How To article assumes that you have a working DataBoss setup (you are able to download and update your data files) and that you are keeping your data in c:\data\stocks.

Start DataBoss

From the DataBoss menu select Utilities.

From the Utilities menu select Software Help.

From the Software Help screen select Create Omega DOP file.

This function will place a file named ALLDATA.DOP in the c:\data\stocks directory.

The ALLDATA.DOP file is used by Omega products to determine the field order of the InvestorLink historical data file.

Note: DataBoss will create the ALLDATA.DOP file for stock, index, COT and futures data. It will not create the file for Funds.

Start Supercharts

At the New Sessions screen:

Select Create New Workspace.

At the New Workspace Name screen:


At the New Window Type screen:

Select Chart.

At the Create Chart Window:

Select the New Dir button.

At the New Directory screen:

Enter c:\data\stocks in the Directory input box. You will be required to manually type the directory path.

Highlight Ascii as the Data Type.

Select the OK button.

The Create Chart window now displays all files in the c:\data\stocks directory.

Highlight the first historical file in the directory. If you have a specific file to chart then highlight the historical file of your choice.

Note: Be sure not to highlight the ALLDATA.DOP file.

Once the desired file has been highlighted select the Plot button.

At the Field Order screen:

Highlight the DOP File line.

Note: If a DOP file does not exist in the directory you are working in, select one of the following formats:

Stocks and Indexes: Date, Open, High, Low, Close,Volume

Futures and COT: Date, Open, High, Low, Close, Volume, Open Interest

Funds: Date, Close

At the Settings:Ascii screen:

Click OK.

At the Format Price Data screen:

Select the Settings tab.

In the Settings screen notice the Date Range box. The date range entered into this section will determine how much of the historical file is imported into the chart.

The Compression should be set to Daily.

Now select the Style tab.

When importing mutual fund or COT data the Line on Close should be selected.

Select the OK button.

Your chart will now appear on the screen.

To move to the next file simply select the Data arrow button from the quick menu displayed on the chart screen.


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