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How To: Pattern Forecaster Plus

This How To article assumes that you have a working DataBoss setup (you are able to download and update your data files) and that you are keeping your data in c:\data\stocks.

Start PFP
Start PFP. When you see the Open PFP Workspace window:

click on the Cancel button.

Open a Chart
From PFP, click on the File menu, then Open File Type:

then click on CSV-ASCII (yyyymmdd,o,h,l,c,v,io):

When you see the Open UK Date CSV ASCII dialog, browse to c:\data\stocks (or where ever you are keeping your historical data files):

In this example, you can see the BORL and IBM tickers in the data directory.

Click on one of your files, then click Okay to display a chart.

Open Another Chart
At this point, you should have a single chart displayed in PFP. To open another chart, click on File then Open Chart:

This will again open the Open UK Date CSV ASCII dialog, but will automatically have the correct folder open. Select another data file, then click okay. You should now have two charts open.

You can click on the Window menu to see the charts you currently have open, as well as switch between them by clicking on them from this menu:

Save the Workspace
PFP will allow you to save a workspace, which is a collection of your currently open charts. By saving our current demo as a workspace, we can then later open both charts at once by simply opening the workspace.

You should still have two charts open at this point. Click on File, then Workspace, then Save Workspace:

This will display the Save PFP Workspace dialog:

Type in the name of your workspace. It is preferable to keep your workspaces seperate from your data files. PFP will default to it's own workspace folder which is a fine location. Click Okay to save the workspace as you have named it.

Open a Workspace
If PFP is running, completely close it now so we can demonstrate the process from scratch.

Start PFP. The Open PFP Workspace dialog will automatically be displayed. Click on the name of the workspace you wish to open then click Okay. This will automatically open all of the charts you have saved in your workspace.


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