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How To: AmiBroker with InvestorLink Data

This How To describes how to use InvestorLink data with AmiBroker via data plug-in. While it is possible to update a local AmiBroker database by importing end of day files with the ASCII import utility, using the plug-in has many advantages: you can use Databoss for all kinds of file maintenance such as data correction and split adjustment; and your ASCII database will be available for use by other analysis tools.

A few words on how this process works... Any symbols pulled up for charting by AmiBroker must reside in an AmiBroker database. This database contains a list of symbols, sector information, charting study information, and optionally the data itself. If the database contains the actual data, that is referred to as "local data storage." When using the msodata plug-in, local data storage will be disabled as the data itself will not be stored in the AmiBroker database.

Databoss stores data as simple text files in folders (directories). These folders are referred to as data directories - directories that contain your data. Databoss allows you to specify as many data directories as you like.

The objective is to allow AmiBroker to access data contained in your Databoss data directories. To accomplish this, an AmiBroker database needs to be created that mirrors a Databoss data directory. Note, though, that this AmiBroker database will not contain actual data, it will contain pointers to the Databoss data it is associated with. When you chart a file from this database, AmiBroker will read data directly from the Databoss data directory by using a data plug-in.

ABM does this for you. After specifying a Databoss data directory and an AmiBroker database name ABM will create the database for you.

Before using ABM, you must first have Databoss configured. This means you must have a least one data directory set up that contains ASCII data and is being updated by Databoss. Please see the Databoss How To for instructions on accomplishing this. Once Databoss is set up, you may use the slide show below for step-wise instructions for using ABM.

AmiBroker Settings
After creating the AmiBroker database with ABM, you will be able to open the database but you will need to adjust a few settings before you can actually chart the data. The slide show below will walk you through opening up the new database and adjusting the settings.

If you have any problems or questions using Databoss and InvestorLink data with AmiBroker please drop us a note at support@msodata.com.


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