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InvestorLink is your one stop source for stock, futures, and comittment of traders data. We provide both historical and end of day quotations. Please note that we do not provide options, intra-day, or tick data at this time.

Data format
We provide data in the industry standard ASCII format. ASCII data is readable by most charting software, all spreadsheets, and is easily viewed by the text editor of your choice (for example, Notepad). Various utilities exist that will allow you to convert our ASCII data into other data formats if necessary. Please see the other data type topics for specific details pertaining to each type of market data.

Year 2000 compliance
InvestorLink data and software use eight digit date formats and are fully Y2K compliant.

InvestorLink data is available via the internet by way of Databoss, our data management software, or by email.

Data correction
Data correction files are supplied as they are available and are either applied to your existing data automatically or stored for your review.


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