InvestorLink does not provide integrated charting and analysis tools. We do provide data in the industry standard ASCII format, which can be used by virtually all charting and analysis tools. This provides you with two benefits:
  • You can choose the analysis tool, or tools, that you like. You do not need to be limited by a single charting solution provided by a data vendor.

  • You can store your data in a neutral location so that it is easily accessible by all of your applications such as editors, charting programs, spreadsheets, etc. You do not need to export data from an unreadable format in order to use it how you like.

As mentioned earlier, InvestorLink data is compatible with most analysis tools. Examples of charting tools that will chart ASCII data directly include, but are not limited to, SmarTrader, Cycle Trends, QuickCharts, CandlePower, AmiBroker, Dynamic Trader, Advanced Get, SuperCharts, and TradeStation. Additionally, ASCII formatted data can be used easily by general software such as spreadsheets, databases, and text editors.

Please see our How To Articles for detailed instructions for using our data with specific software.

We also provide a showcase for some analysis tools that meet certain criteria. These criteria include:
  • We have received favorable comments from other InvestorLink customers about the software.

  • The software provides usable tools rather than "black box" predictions.

  • The vendors of the software are reputable and provide good customer support.

Please follow the links below for detailed information about the listed products. Also, be sure to check out our order form for special offers involving the software.

Cycle Trends Cycle analysis software.

SMARTrader Powerful charting tools for the position trader. Reads data in a variety of vendor formats. Create and test your own formulas. Combine and modify pre-programmed tools with your individual style and ideas.