Marketsource Online is committed to the following objectives:

Encouraging investment by providing a source of high quality, low cost financial data.

Providing financial data in an industry standard, non-proprietary format which is software and platform independent.

Application vendors, investment clubs, and educators are encouraged to contact us to see how we can work together to make investing and technical analysis a better experience for the investor.

Application Vendors
If you are a charting software application vendor, we will work with you to provide an easy and positive data/software experience for your customers by:

  • Hosting detailed How To articles describing how to use InvestorLink data with your application.

  • Providing you with technical assistance in getting your application to work smoothly with our data.

  • Adding functionality to DataBoss to facilitate its use with your application.

  • Offering specially priced data packages to your customers to get them started.

Investment Clubs
If you are a member of an investment club, we can do the following for you:

  • Provide group discounts to InvestorLink subscriptions.

  • Attend a club meeting to demonstrate InvestorLink and DataBoss to your members.

We are extremely interested in teaching kids to invest. If you are an educator, especially if involved with school sponsored investment club, let us know. We will bend over backword to accomodate you.

Please address correpondence regarding the Partner Program to